Favorite Pokémon: Greninja

Favorite Types: Dark, Ghost, and Poison

First Pokémon Game: Red

Favorite Pokémon Game: Yellow

Personal Info: His power level? It's over 9000; he can beat up your dad.

Favorite Pokémon: Gengar

Favorite Types: Dragon, Ghost, and Steel

First Pokémon Game: Red

Favorite Pokémon Game: White

​Personal Info: Shreds the guitar and plays exclusively LC ladder on Smogon.

Favorite Pokémon: Jolteon

Favorite Types: Bug, Electric, and Fire

First Pokémon Game: Blue

Favorite Pokémon Game: Yellow

Personal Info: The team coach; plays Pokémon at work and while he sleeps.

Favorite Pokémon: Scizor

Favorite Types: Fire, Flying, and Steel

First Pokémon Game: Red

Favorite Pokémon Game: Gold

Personal Info: Video editor and robot enthusiast (that's not a real mustache).

  • No pre-registration is required; challenges are accepted all day long at The Real Elite Four table.

  • One player, with one team, competes against all four Elite Four members, one at a time, until he/she is either defeated, or has defeated all four of The Real Elite Four in a row.

    • All four battles must be battles consecutively.

    • Once the challenge has started the player cannot make any changes to their team or held items.

  • All of the Pokémon Tournament Clauses apply to this challenge.

  • If you are defeated and wish to try again the entry fee must be paid again.

  • There are two challenges, the Silver which has a $5 entry fee, and the Gold which has a $20 entry fee.

  • Please understand that The Real Elite Four is much more powerful than the in-game version of the Elite Four. These teams, while still being mono-type specialist teams, are competitively built and ready for battle.

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ELITE FOUR Challenge


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