Another Gold Challenge Champion! We met Brady at Megacon 2016, he talked a big game, VGC champ this and that, and he took the Gold Challenge assuming an easy victory. He stormed through 3 of us until the battle with Tim began. It came down to 1v1, Tim tanked the super effective STAB Hydro Pump and OHKO with Earthquake to win the game and the crowd went buckwild. Brady trained nonstop for one year straight looking for revenge at Megacon 2017, he brought the cheese, we brought the whine, and he took us down earning his spot in the Hall of Fame.



Thomas tried to walk right passed us until we called him out and issued the challenge. He smirked, said he has what it takes, pulled out his 3DS, and then got swiftly shut down on his first try. Thomas took a few minutes to regroup, summoned some courage, and then came blazing back with the same team earning himself a $25 Gamestop gift card, a shiny Treecko, his status as Megacon 2016 Pokemon Champion, and a permanent spot in the Hall of Fame.


Michael first challenged us at Megacon 2016; we humbled him straight out of the gate, but Michael took it like a champ. He trained, trained, and trained some more and showed up ready for battle at Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016. Michael breezed through three, but then found himself down big in the final match. With hope in his heart and a little help from the man upstairs Michael defied the odds, took home a $25 Gamestop gift card, a shiny Mudkip, and secured his place in the Hall of Fame.



The legendary...Stewart. Stewart rolled into Ocala Comic Con 2014 with his 3DS and a dream; to be the very best like no one ever was. He fell just short on his first attempt, but Stewart didn't quit; Stewart never quits. He held his head high, made a slight adjustment, and came roaring back with a masterfully executed game plan taking home a shiny Charmander, the status of Pokemon Champion, and permanently enshrining himself into the Hall of Fame.

Our first ever Gold Challenge Champion! Chris's journey can be defined in one word: persistence. After suffering multiple failed attempts in 2016 at Megacon, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Ocala Comic Con, and Ocala Fan Days he was out for revenge at Collective Con 2017. Chris dug deep, used his losses as fuel, came up with a game plan, and executed beautifully taking home a 20th Anniversary Pokemon 3DS, a shiny Popplio , and his rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.


The Real Elite Four © 2013

The Real Elite Four


Jason had been following us on Facebook leading up to Megacon 2017; he told us he was coming for us...we should have listened. He came in with a perfectly balanced team, a good attitude, plenty of talent, and slowly but surely tore us apart. In the last battle we missed a few Hydro Pumps, but even hits wouldn't have changed the result. Jason is the first trainer to take us down on his first ever attempt earning a $20 Gamestop gift card, a shiny Pokemon, and his permanent spot in the Hall of Fame.